Ramsey Crafters

I just realised that I haven’t said anything here about the craft group!

After the Craftworks course finished most of us wanted to keep on meeting up and crafting together, and working together to do stalls and craft fairs.  As a result, on Monday five of us got together and set up Ramsey Crafters.

We’re going to have craft sessions every two weeks which should be fun, and we’re talking about maybe organising a Craft fair in the run up to Christmas.

My role is the computer stuff and some PR.  I’ve written an ad for the local magazine and sent off an application for some funding to help us get going.  I’ve also set up a basic website and facebook group which I need to get photos for asap so it looks a bit prettier. The craft stall tomorrow is our first proper event and I’m hoping we make enough money to fund the first few meetings at least.

It’s a lovely group of people and I’m hopeful that it will inspire me to keep making and selling.

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