Craft Fair Update

It’s been a busy few days of making.  I’ve just about got together enough for my first attempt at a craft fair tomorrow – hopefully it will go well and I’ll sell a few things.

Here are a few examples of the things I have made – you can see some of the others on my new facebook page

blue fragile necklace smile

Wish me luck 🙂

Blue necklace

Now that she has it, I can share a pic of the necklace I made for Chris’s birthday present.  It’s my first experiment with adding ribbon to chainmaille and I think it worked pretty nicely.

It’s just a simple band of European 4:1 with a few beads added and a matching ribbon woven through


Made a few pairs of earrings

They’re super basic, just tiny snippets of European 4-1 chain mail with an ear wire at one end and a bead at the other.

I don’t often use gold findings but the beads were pre wired in gold so I made the rest to match.


Just put the finishing touches to these two little adventurers


They’re for the raffle at Contraption tomorrow.

I have a few bits of jewelry I need to make for my course on Tuesday but other than that I need to take a short break from crafting as I have an essay to write for my OU course. It’s due next Thursday and as always I have barely even started making notes yet!

Another dice bag

Not sure why I didn’t post this a couple of days ago when I made it


It’s a chainmail dice bag, made in the same way as I’d start a coif with an increasing hexagon, then there’s a few standard rows and a picot edging so it closes tight (there’s an instructable that explains the coif technique here)


I like that it opens out flat so you can have a good rummage through the dice.  It holds plenty of dice too


This one is going to Contraption at the weekend as a donation for the raffle.  The dice are staying with me 🙂