Wedding Update

My daughter has let me have copies of her wedding photos, so I can bring you an update on how it all went.

This is the bride and groom with their parents. ¬†I’m the one in purple

I think the flowers turned out really well, Vicci’s choice of colours was lovely and bright and cheery

Beautiful autumn shades for all the bridesmaids

The men weren’t left out

The groom’s buttonhole

I do think my darling daughter looked particularly lovely ūüôā


My son scrubs up pretty well too – Heffalump was also part of the bridal party


It was definitely a wonderful day, filled with happy people enjoying themselves.  The perfect start to a marriage.

This is my favourite picture from the day. ¬†I have a framed copy to go up on the wall. ¬†It’s just so fabulously romantic and gloriously gothic, there could be werewolves or vampires hiding behind those gravestones and the lit up window in the background is just perfect!



Wedding game

Something different for my blog, I haven’t written any reviews here before but I am just so impressed by the fabulousness that is Librium games I couldn’t help myself.

The basic box of Librium
The basic box of Librium – game counters and dice for scale

Librium is a really fun game. ¬†You take it in turns to add a card and the whole thing builds and builds and gets more and more wobbly until it eventually collapses. ¬†It’s small enough to carry around in a pocket and takes literally seconds to set up so you can play it anywhere anytime you have a few minutes to spare. ¬†I’ve been a fan for a couple of years.

Anyway, Vicci and Dave like games almost as much I do and are including some at their wedding (which is now only two weeks away!) Having noticed that Librium offer a branding service which is usually used by business clients to add their logos etc I thought it might be fun to arrange a personalised set for their wedding.

This is where the customer service from Librium really impressed me. ¬†I don’t have the graphic design know how to create a print ready logo from scratch – I had a go but the quality just wasn’t good enough. ¬†That’s when the lovely people at Librium said if I sent them the photo I wanted included they would replicate my design at a print ready quality.

They did a fabulous job and even including all the extra work the cards arrived this morning having only been ordered four days ago. ¬†That’s amazing!

And, don’t they look amazing? ¬†I think we’re going to have a load of fun playing this on the 14th and it will be something a little bit different for Vicci and Dave to keep as a wedding memory.

Playing librium
Librium in play


Plans and ideas

I get to lead the demo at the next Ramsey Crafters meeting.   I asked people what they wanted to make at the last meeting and bracelets seemed to be the most popular idea.

Having said that, I think I am going to start with a simple pendant just so people can get a feel for using the tools and working with wire.  Something like

Pendant from

Then I’m not sure whether to go with a string of wired beads

Bracelet from

Or something with more wire work and less beads.

Whatever I go with I’m loving the tutorials from¬† and am getting loads of inspiration

Ramsey Crafters

I just realised that I haven’t said anything here about the craft group!

After the Craftworks course finished most of us wanted to keep on meeting up and crafting together, and working together to do stalls and craft fairs.  As a result, on Monday five of us got together and set up Ramsey Crafters.

We’re going to have craft sessions every two weeks which should be fun, and we’re talking about maybe organising a Craft fair in the run up to Christmas.

My role is the computer stuff and some PR. ¬†I’ve written an ad for the local magazine and sent off an application for some funding to help us get going. ¬†I’ve also set up a basic website and facebook group which I need to get photos for asap so it looks a bit prettier. The craft stall tomorrow is our first proper event and I’m hoping we make enough money to fund the first few meetings at least.

It’s a lovely group of people and I’m hopeful that it will inspire me to keep making and selling.


Do you know that feeling when you go to grab the carrots for the carrot cake you have already partly mixed and find that the orange thing you spotted in the rack earlier was peppers not carrots… no? ¬†Just me then. *sighs*


Today has not been a great day for me. But last week at the craft course I promised Dawn I’d show her how to make tree of life pendants, so I took an hour out to do that.

This is the one I made while demonstrating