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Thanks for visiting my blog.  I am Carol.  I started this blog as a way of inspiring myself to actually spend more time doing some of the creative things I love.

I’m fighting a constant battle against chronic pain and a disabled right hand which is making a ‘normal life’ and a ‘sensible office job’ look less and less like part of my future.  The pain is from fibromyalgia.  The hand has nerve damage from surgery to remove a synovial sarcoma (it’s a type of cancer).  The crafts are my physiotherapy, I can’t do them for long but they keep me using the hand in spite of the pain.  My cancer consultant tells me I’d lose a lot of function if I didn’t push myself to do things like this so it’s really worth it.

At the moment I’m still working but it’s hard and if I’m honest I’d love to be able to give it up – but to do that I need to be able to get by writing and selling crafts.  I know it’s a dream a lot of people have, but I figure if I don’t give it a shot I’ll never know if I can do it.

Aside from crafting and writing my main passions are roleplaying and organising things – usually things that allow me to do more roleplaying with more people.  I’m Venture Lieutenant for Pathfinder Society in the UK which gives me plenty of opportunity to enjoy both rolplaying and organising.

I like frugal crafting and finding ways to do things cheaper.  I’d love to be self sufficient but I’m awful at gardening.  I do like foraging the hedgerows and recycling/reusing which at least gets me part way there.

Obligatory selfie

If you like what you read or have suggestions for how I can improve a project or different ways to use the same techniques, please leave me a comment, I love sharing ideas with other creative types.

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