Busy busy busy

It’s my day off today – which of course means I shall be busy all day getting things ready for a craft fair tomorrow.  There are so many things I still want to make, and I need to do the labelling and work out how to display everything I’ve already made.  Just to add to the fun I get to see darling daughter this evening and darling son arrives for the weekend soon after that

At the moment my to do list looks like this:

  • Kitten earrings & bracelets – at least another dozen
  • Add wires to the sides of a mirror for hanging the earrings
  • Make more flowery headbands – another 6 would be great
  • Assemble artwork into cards and sleeves
  • Frame Tracy’s pictures
  • Make another 2 – 4 art canvasses
  • Sort out table clothes,
  • laminate the letters and assemble Ramsey Crafters banner
  • make flyers for the craft group
  • pack car
  • assemble picnic stuffs and drinks for tomorrow
  • Go have dinner with Vicci
  • Collect Dale from train station
  • Make price tags and labels
  • Sort through everything left over from last stall and check labels etc

Better get on with it then!

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