Craft Fair Update

It’s been a busy few days of making.  I’ve just about got together enough for my first attempt at a craft fair tomorrow – hopefully it will go well and I’ll sell a few things.

Here are a few examples of the things I have made – you can see some of the others on my new facebook page

blue fragile necklace smile

Wish me luck 🙂

Course week three

Today we looked at mood boards and the design cycle.  Now comes the hard part – before next week we have to come up with our own product and collect together some mood board ideas for it.  I really don’t have the faintest idea what to go with.

I want something that will fit with the things other people are making, so nothing too nerdy/weird. I’m really not sure though.

We got to make a few more of the little collages to round off the session

Week two of the crafts course

This morning was a lot more fun – no paperwork!  Thank the gods!

The glue is now dry on my notebook so I picked that up.  It’s very shiny which means it doesn’t photo very well.


We started this season off looking at colour theory and talking about harmonising colours and contrasting colours.  Then we got to play with the fancy papers again to make mini collages that will eventually be turned into magnets.

I made four.  I can’t decide which I like most.  The picture isn’t great as it was taken on my mobile, but it should at least give an idea of what I’ve been doing


Next time we’re supposed to bring in something we make at home that we’d like to sell so I need to get out the links and put together some chainmail jewellery as I think that’s my most likely ‘product’