Lemony update

The lemon curd was good.  In fact good doesn’t come close to doing it justice, it was sharp and tangy and rich and silky and everything you’d want a lemon curd to be.  It was so good I will have to restrict myself on how often I can make it.

As well as filling and covering Gary’s birthday cake I had enough left to make a lemon curd cheesecake and a sort of Eton mess.

The cheesecake was dead easy – crush up a pack of ginger nut biscuits for the base and hold together with melted butter.  While that’s chilling whip a large tub of double cream until thick.  Take one tub of marscapone and stir in about 5 tablespoons of lemon curd.  Then stir that into the cream.  Taste and add caster sugar until it’s as sweet as you want it (I like it sharp so only a couple of spoonfulls were needed).  Pile the creamy cheesey lemony mix on top of the biscuit base and squish down.  Keep in the fridge until you are ready to eat.  Easy and yummy!  When I make it again I might add vanilla or melted white chocolate to the marscapone instead and use the lemon curd to make a swirl through the cheesecake instead of blending it in.  Couldn’t taste much better but I think it would be pretty.

The Eton mess was also dead simple – crumble up some meringue nests (I bought them cos I was feeling lazy but you can make your own if you are more of a domestic goddess), whip a small tub of cream, stir together – add blueberries and lemon curd towards the end so they are stirred through but not fully mixed in.  Delicious!

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