Another project

I have just added sensory bands to my list of things to make.

Apparently they help people with severe dementia find a bit of comfort and distraction.  Dementia is probably my biggest fear. I dread the possibility of growing old and confused.  Not knowing what’s going on or what I’m doing, being constantly lost and unable to communicate. I can’t imagine anything I’d hate more.  Anything that helps people in that condition find a few moments of peace has to be a good thing.

Normally I’d wait to post until I’ve at least started a project, but this is a new appeal and they need more people to join in, so please, if you knit think about giving this a try.  Actually, I’m sure crochet versions would be just as good so if you crochet maybe you could consider it too. It’s super easy – just a tube with random bits of stuff attached.


You can find full details of the appeal online at

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