Next step – first crochet project

I’ve practised the single crochet enough that I am now convinced that I know what I am doing, so it’s time to be brave and tackle an actual project to put my new skills to the test.

Strangely enough there aren’t vast numbers of projects for a total beginner, they all seem to expect you to know double crochet and all sorts of other obscure magics that I have yet to attempt.

I could just make squares and call them dishcloths – and don’t think I’m not tempted – but that would feel like too much of a cop out so I have searched the internet and finally found something I think I can manage.

This shopping tote.  It’s pretty much just single crochet and chains so it really can’t get any more basic than that.

So far it  just looks like a really dodgy doiley but I have hope


 Fingers crossed!

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