Wedding game

Something different for my blog, I haven’t written any reviews here before but I am just so impressed by the fabulousness that is Librium games I couldn’t help myself.

The basic box of Librium
The basic box of Librium – game counters and dice for scale

Librium is a really fun game.  You take it in turns to add a card and the whole thing builds and builds and gets more and more wobbly until it eventually collapses.  It’s small enough to carry around in a pocket and takes literally seconds to set up so you can play it anywhere anytime you have a few minutes to spare.  I’ve been a fan for a couple of years.

Anyway, Vicci and Dave like games almost as much I do and are including some at their wedding (which is now only two weeks away!) Having noticed that Librium offer a branding service which is usually used by business clients to add their logos etc I thought it might be fun to arrange a personalised set for their wedding.

This is where the customer service from Librium really impressed me.  I don’t have the graphic design know how to create a print ready logo from scratch – I had a go but the quality just wasn’t good enough.  That’s when the lovely people at Librium said if I sent them the photo I wanted included they would replicate my design at a print ready quality.

They did a fabulous job and even including all the extra work the cards arrived this morning having only been ordered four days ago.  That’s amazing!

And, don’t they look amazing?  I think we’re going to have a load of fun playing this on the 14th and it will be something a little bit different for Vicci and Dave to keep as a wedding memory.

Playing librium
Librium in play