So much for that idea

A friend of mine started a facebook group a couple of days ago, aimed at those of us who fear that the new tory government will mean more suffering for those most in need.  The idea being that rather than just moaning about how unfair it all is we’d try and do what we could to provide mutual support.  I think this is a brilliant way of looking at the situation – practical help and emotional support can make a real difference to those who need them, and lets face it that could be any of us.

This time last year I had a nice full time office job that I knew I was good at and that felt ‘safe’ – now I think it’s unlikely that I will ever work full time again.

Anyway, one of the things I decided to do as a way of making a little bit of a difference was to volunteer with the local food bank.  There’s one run from the church in Ramsey that’s part of the Trussel Trust.  I found their website and tried emailing them but the email bounced so when I went to the craft course this morning I thought I’d call in.  The website said to ask at the cafe in the indoor market – only when I got there they told me that was no longer the case so I went down to the church where the food bank was actually in session.

I had a chat and gave my details and it all looked to be going ok until they started talking about “Revive” which is a prayer group which also serves food.  I said that wasn’t for me as I am not a Christian and just wanted to help with the foodbank.  And at that point I was told that I couldn’t be a volunteer as it was a church thing only.

If that’s their attitude to potential volunteers what on earth are they like with non Christians who need help?  That’s over 40% of the population if we match up to the national average.  We probably don’t match up given how ‘middle England’ Ramsey is but I know there are pagans and buddhists and muslims in the area at least.


I’ve just been and voted.  It only took a few minutes, the polling station is within walking distance.  It doesn’t seem like such a big deal really, but that just shows how fortunate we are.  There are places where people face violence for exercising the same right I have just, so casually enjoyed.  I live in what is considered an ultra safe area so the chances of our current MP being replaced are slim to none, but even so I can be sure that my vote will be counted and that only the votes of those who made that minimal effort to turn up and make their mark or arranged a postal vote in advance will be counted alongside mine.

I don’t like the current government and I like some of the parties standing against them even less.  To be honest there isn’t a single party I am 100% in favour of, but even if my choice of government won’t win this seat at least I can vote against the ones I really dislike.  It’s good to know that even if they win outright they will know that there are people like me who object, perhaps it will be enough to sway their minds on some of the policies.

I have no idea what the outcome is going to be, but I think it was worth taking part.