And the crafts?

I like making things.  I’m lucky enough that I can usually manage to make whatever I set my mind to reasonably adequately.  I can visualise things in 3d which helps and am reasonably good about attention to detail.  I used to be better, but I have a dodgy right hand these days so my fine motor control isn’t what it used to be and I can’t keep working for hours on end.  I get by though.

I knit, usually chainmail but with wool too on occasion.  I made my hubby a Dr Who scarf which he is very proud of.  That was my biggest project so far, it took an absolute age to make but mostly because I left it for weeks and weeks between doing any.  I mostly make chainmail jewelry rather than armour for reasons of hand.  I make normal beady type jewelry too, that’s quick and easy so great for when the pain levels are high but the itch to make something won’t go away.

I sometimes make costumes and props for games and random ‘stuff and things’ for friends or particular occasions. The last thing I made was a cross stitch sampler for a friends wedding, current project is a pair of knitted dolls for another friend.

I have an etsy shop and a folksy shop but haven’t yet gotten around to populating them.  To be honest I am absolutely dreadful at selling stuff.  Giving it away is much easier and I like seeing people wearing things I have made.  I wish I was better at the selling bit, I think the stuff I make is good enough to sell I just don’t have those skills.

I’ve just signed up for a crafts course that is supposed to include advice on how to make and sell so here’s hoping it makes a difference.

My to do list craftwise is currently dominated by ‘learn to crochet’ it looks a lot more portable than knitting and seems to be faster which can only be a good thing.