And now I pay…

This is what I hate about having fibromyalgia.  The day after.

I feel so useless.

My legs feel like they have heavy weights strapped to them.  They ache and moving them requires so much extra effort.  There is no way to sit comfortably but the pain involved in adjusting position is overwhelming.

Laying down would be a good option for my legs, but doing that makes my neck and shoulders feel even worse.  Sitting up they are just a dull throb that I can almost ignore unless I try to do something strenuous – like lifting a cup of tea or turning the page of a book.

My hands are already shaking just from this little bit of typing.  I definitely won’t be able to do any crafts or handwriting today.  My right hand is worst, it feels swollen, every little movement hurts as it stretches the already throbbing tissue.  I suspect that’s my price for getting all the stock made over the last few days.

At least today’s headache isn’t as bad as having a migraine, it’s more at the annoying level than the crippling level.  My eyes feel heavy and it’s hard to concentrate, but that could just as easily be because the pain stopped me getting a decent night’s sleep as an actual fibro symptom.

I am lucky enough to have my wonderful Gary to look after me so I won’t have to try and keep doing more than I can manage. He’ll do the cooking and bring me drinks and food.  He’ll do any other fetching and carrying that’s needed.  All I have to do is try and find the most comfortable position to rest in – but right now that feels like an almost unmanageable challenge.


Fibro earrings

This morning I was making a few pairs of earrings which I am hoping to sell to add to the money Chris has raised to buy Raspberry Pi computers for her son’s school. I made those pretty quickly and while doing so found a few bits that inspired me to make some earrings for myself.

I’m trying to get into the habit of wearing earrings more often as I’ve been going weeks or even months without and as a result the holes keep trying to close up so hopefully these will encourage me.

The purple butterfly is one of the symbols for fibromyalgia and the spoon is a reminder to keep one spare for myself – this will only make sense if you are familiar with the spoon theory analogy which has become a go to guide for explaining how it is to live with a condition like fibro, although it was originally written to explain lupus.

I must admit I don’t really need to wear a reminder that I have fibro, the day to day pain and lack of energy does that for me, but I think they look quite pretty and might be useful for meeting other people that understand the condition.


These are all the ones I made, not bad for a lazy morning.