Flowery headbands

I’m trying to decide how to price these headbands.  They’re made from bits and pieces I had laying around so I have no idea what the materials actually cost.  They don’t take long to make and I’m actually doing them while between tasks on my actual job so I’m already being paid for my time.   I’m thinking they should be cheap and cheerful as I like the idea of kids wearing them at the Craft market /summer festival I’m going to this weekend.  What would you expect to pay for something like this?

IMG_2273[1] IMG_2274[1] IMG_2272[1]


I’ve got some extra office work for a few months.

For once it’s actually something a bit more interesting and creative than general admin.  I’m working for an agronomist doing soil analysis zoning.

It looks really interesting.  They use geophysical surveys and satellite images to collect data about fields and my job is to use that data to define zones within the field.  They then take samples from each zone which are sent off to a lab for analysis. The agronomists and farmers then use that data to decide exactly what fertilizers are needed in each area for optimum results.

From my perspective it looks a lot like trying to convert photographs or pictures into cross stitch charts or simplifying them into bands of colour for artwork.  So it should be kind of fun 🙂

And now I pay…

This is what I hate about having fibromyalgia.  The day after.

I feel so useless.

My legs feel like they have heavy weights strapped to them.  They ache and moving them requires so much extra effort.  There is no way to sit comfortably but the pain involved in adjusting position is overwhelming.

Laying down would be a good option for my legs, but doing that makes my neck and shoulders feel even worse.  Sitting up they are just a dull throb that I can almost ignore unless I try to do something strenuous – like lifting a cup of tea or turning the page of a book.

My hands are already shaking just from this little bit of typing.  I definitely won’t be able to do any crafts or handwriting today.  My right hand is worst, it feels swollen, every little movement hurts as it stretches the already throbbing tissue.  I suspect that’s my price for getting all the stock made over the last few days.

At least today’s headache isn’t as bad as having a migraine, it’s more at the annoying level than the crippling level.  My eyes feel heavy and it’s hard to concentrate, but that could just as easily be because the pain stopped me getting a decent night’s sleep as an actual fibro symptom.

I am lucky enough to have my wonderful Gary to look after me so I won’t have to try and keep doing more than I can manage. He’ll do the cooking and bring me drinks and food.  He’ll do any other fetching and carrying that’s needed.  All I have to do is try and find the most comfortable position to rest in – but right now that feels like an almost unmanageable challenge.


Craft Fair Update

It’s been a busy few days of making.  I’ve just about got together enough for my first attempt at a craft fair tomorrow – hopefully it will go well and I’ll sell a few things.

Here are a few examples of the things I have made – you can see some of the others on my new facebook page

blue fragile necklace smile

Wish me luck 🙂

Exciting times

First – I have a craft fair on Saturday.  Am going to be spending the next few days frantically making stuff to sell.  My aim is to end up with a couple of display boards filled with earrings plus a few necklaces and earrings.  Today I also bought a couple of packs of canvas so if I get enough made tomorrow and Thursday I will try and create a few mixed media collages as well.

I’m really nervous, selling is not something I am at all good at so this will show me whether I have actually learned anything from this course I’ve been doing.  Fingers crossed and all that!

In other even more exciting news, my lovely daughter Vicci announced her engagement a few days ago.  She’s marrying a lovely guy who I am sure she will be very happy with so I couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

They’ve picked a date just 5 months away so it’s going to be a whirlwind of preparation. We’ve already been dress shopping and she’s bought a beautiful frock that she looks amazing in.  I only cried once, which is pretty good going I thought.


That is not THE dress, just one of the many she tried on.

I’m not even thinking about what I’m wearing yet, I want to try and get some serious dieting in before we reach that point.  Vicci has suggested that I wear something with plum tones which is her bridesmaids colour so it will probably be easier to find something in that colour once the autumn gets here.

I get the fun of doing the flowers and maybe making some jewellery for Vicci and her bridesmaids.  I love wedding crafts so am looking forward to it  She has some lovely ideas for what she wants.

Since this is supposed to be a crafts blog, I shall end by sharing the card insert I made for Vicci’s engagement card.  She likes sheep and thankfully found it amusing rather than cringeworthy 🙂


Getting serious

No post from the crafts course this week as I forgot to take my camera with me.   We poured candles and finished assembling the magnets from the little squares we made previously.  It was nice to see things being finished.

There’s a couple more weeks to go which will cover more of the selling stuff, and then it’s all over – except that myself and a lovely lady called Joan have decided to start up a crafting co-op so we can continue meeting up and making things together plus share the cost of having stalls at craft fairs and events.

The group itself has a stall in just over a week. As well as the things we’ve made in the group we’re allowed to bring along things we’ve made in our own time to sell.  I’m going to take a bunch of chainmail jewellery to see how that goes.  I had a shopping trip today and stocked up on beads and ribbons so I have loads to work with.

That means I need to work on display and packaging.  I’ve just splurged on ebay on some cute little boxes that are sort of like treasure chests.  They’re a bit more expensive than basic packaging but I’m hoping they’ll pay for themselves by attracting customers.  I’ve also ordered some tissue paper and sticky labels with my contact info.  I may have to invest in business cards as well.  All serious stuff – and expense I could really do without, but if it works it’s worth it.

My previous attempts at selling have not really gone very well so here’s hoping I get it right this time.

Stick weaving

A while ago I picked up a set of weaving sticks from eBay so I’d have something different to do if I go to a reenactment event. Yesterday I tried using them for the first time.   So far I’ve woven over seven feet of braid.  I’m pretty pleased with that.  It’s easy to do, very portable and makes a really nice fabric.  I shall definitely have to invest in a bigger set of sticks, maybe even an actual peg loom.

This first effort will be added to my vike kit to be used as a belt. I’ll be trying some with colours next.



Do you know that feeling when you go to grab the carrots for the carrot cake you have already partly mixed and find that the orange thing you spotted in the rack earlier was peppers not carrots… no?  Just me then. *sighs*